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Phyllis Papani Godwin Joins the Wired Podcast Part 2

Posted by Sarah Moniz on Oct 8, 2021 1:42:37 PM

On this week’s Part 2 Episode, we have James and Chad have the honor and privilege of interviewing our very own Phyllis Papani Godwin. Phyllis’s father started Granite City Electric, and when he passed the company down to her, she took it to new heights and blazed a trail through the Electrical Supply Industry with her leadership. She is an icon for women in our industry and other alike. She takes us through the history of Granite City, how she ended up here, and brings us through her experiences of being the only woman in a crowd of men at the top of the ranks. You won’t want to miss it!


Wired is a Podcast created specifically for Electricians discussing the latest industry news, electrical supplies, applications, and infotainment for today’s modern electricians. Chad and James the Business Development Representatives explore the history of Granite City Electric and topics the show will cover.

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